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What Exercise Program Will Work For You? The Bread or The Key?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

As we are entering into summer- I feel the need to remind anyone reading that there is no easy choice when starting your fitness / wellness journey. I have found that this question itself will distract you and keep you from even starting anything at all. Starting anything new can be hard, with exercise it is by far the hardest choice to make or change. This is so very personal on every level and different for every person. Often times we really have to get out of our own way to even step into a gym, to then see that we cannot do what everyone else maybe doing or not doing. Personally, even after 18 years of owning a gym I find it more intimidating to walk into any gym where I know nothing about who or where I am going. Here is my advice to you.

Reach - Reach out and explore your options. Does this one feel right or does that one feel right. Do you reach for the key or do you reach for the bread? Reach out, social media is a tool we use to showcase our product. Do not stop there. Is there an age group that works for you personally are you in your 20's, 30's, 40's ... can they accommodate your personal needs. You can generally see this in their content.

Test - Test your coach, or trainer. Here we have a coach facilitating every class, with every ability level. Our main objective is to provide a safe workout space for anyone wanting to increase their workout capacity. What does that mean? A safe space to move your body. We teach proper movement. This seems to be a trait that is lost in many facilities. Test your coach. Without proper mechanics injury is inevitable. This is something we pride ourselves on injury free / injury prevention. Maybe you need that push, that accountability to keep you on track day to day. Or maybe you are in the driver seat and you can walk the walk all on your own. Neither are wrong, both can be rewarding and both can be tough, however one may be more validating when needing that acceptance for "good" behavior. Test your facility before long commitments.

Value - What is the value of your health, your wellness? Today put a value on your health and wellness. Does your coach / trainer have that same vision? Do they see that same value in your health and wellness? This is critical when choosing where you will decide to stay, where you make your exercise program a lifestyle. The cost of gym memberships all around us are significantly higher than ever before. This is not an inflation problem, the problem lies when the prices do not meet the value. What is the value of your health and your wellness? I personally do not believe you should have to pay outrageous prices, here you will get what you pay for in your program.

How to start?

1. Set a goal that is achievable for where you are right now.

2. Journal and make your personal decision based on your personal needs.

3. Start! progress is progress

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