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New Year New You...

How many of us start the 1st of Jan with the mind set of becoming the better you?

There is never a bad time to choose to make a better you- in my professional opinion this is the worst time to create that self. Here's why.

There is such a high from the beginning of November lasting up until the weeks before Christmas.. regardless of what religion you are everything is beautiful and people are kind.. Family visits and the lonely is gone for a while, or you are to busy to feel those feelings. Then the day comes and maybe the high is just as we'd hoped Merry and Bright.. or perhaps its to quiet. Maybe you find yourself alone, or better yet surrounded by the people you love yet you sit still feeling a little less of the high you felt in weeks before. So sure lets throw this idea of coming off a high, and now you have to stop eating all the foods that are creating the same stimulus as a drug would, and lets get that 5,10,15 pound weight gain back in the gym where you are going to only feel like less of a person for taking so much time to prepare for the holidays or you just enjoyed the break. Doesn't that just sound ass backwards??

This post is to offer a different approach- kindness to self. Maybe you aren't ready to deal or see the SH** storm or the weight gain, or the lack of drive to workout. Often we are in the dark during this time and then the light is so graciously shined on our **** storm and we just aren't ready to see it. Take a few more days. Throw out the left overs, yes I know we all hate wasting. Clean up the house, put away the small things that are bothering you. Start with the small things one at a time. Then create a game plan.. I want to do this and how do I get there. Maybe you are just that good and do not need the help of anyone to sit and set goals. Me for one, rely more on my coach during these times than other time of the year. Reach out to someone. Set goals and feel good about yourself.

We all have dark days, days we want to have the cleanest diet, days we want the perfect family, or job, or workout. But not everyday can be perfect. I am here to tell you- you are not alone. Reach out anytime. I have the perfect coach for you.

Xoxo Cheers & Happy New Year

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