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Have you ever started something and realized when you were almost there that you just didn't want to finish. I have found myself in these shoes more than once in my life. More during this time of Covid 19.

Over the course of 2020 we have had many challenges, some super scary and others seem to be more of an inconvenience. In 2019 I had set a goal to requalify for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games. After just missing the cut off I found my goal to be frustrating and unrealistic. Just after the world turned to the worse with our pandemic, I received an email that my hard work would be recognized and that I was invited to compete in a World Championship with those who had also qualified. I was in shock- tears streamed down my face and I called everyone who played a role in getting me there and then I let it sink in.

Over the next several months I faced tremendous adversity with my business and in my personal life.. many things preventing me from training for my victory, the opportunity to compete on a world platform. Or was that just me.. lacking in motivation? When everything around us seems to fight against our core values we fight back. It is in our human nature. I had to fight back. Days, weeks, months went by and I found I had good days and better days when I focused on one thing that was motivating me to get to my initial goal. Some days I put my focus into someone or something that needed me. There were days where the smile was all I could do to get in a workout.

The amazing part was everyone around me wanted me to achieve my goal. Countless errands, chores, pick ups and drop offs- just to help me. I knew that I had the support I just never let them support me. As I was their motivator they were mine. Often we see failure as a miss, a bad thing, something that will set us back.. In my humble experience its been quite the opposite for me - it's enabled me to brush myself off and see what I really want and fight back. I can not express the gratitude I have for the amazing people in my life. For my failures and my success. I am so blessed and it is my prayer that I continue to bless those around me.


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