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Many of us are stuck in the Covid Funk

Gyms are still closed and yet our minds are working more now than ever. I feel this is the time to start a blog so that many of you can see that you are not alone. In the beginning this was a great time for me to recharge and fall back in love with cooking and having dinner on the table at a given time. I had more time with close family. I even jumped at the opportunity to get some those long lost projects accomplished.

We are now going into several months of not only a somewhat controlled isolation but many of us are ready to get back to some kind of normalcy. In lack of having that many of us have gone a bit stir crazy. Maybe you have found yourself even depressed. Yes, depressed. This is something few talk about but it is a bigger problem than we want to admit.

What I have found in the 15 plus years of coaching, life coaching and physical coaching that working out is better than any form of antidepressants you can get prescribed. I am not advocating that anyone start working out and go off any medication you've been on. What I am saying is that when we have a routine of releasing the chemicals in the brain, in which cause some kind of depression and it's taken a way we can experience these symptoms more than we ever care to! You are not alone.

I challenge you to get up and get outside, connect with the earth maybe take your shoes off and feel your toes in the grass, or the dirt, maybe even sand. I also challenge you to walk for 5-10 min in the sun while practicing deep breathing.

This is just the start.

I look forward to our next adventures.


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